maybe, yes.

Strange how we decorate pain.

Margaret Atwood
It's 2 am , I'm not in love,
Not even in friendship,
Not under the influence of alcohol.
While talking on the phone,
I wanted to get rid of that contact
Maybe for a while,
Maybe for a lifetime.
Disapproval thoughts makes me want to believe-
they're not the right ones.
My heart is screeching and mocking at me:
"You didn't trust your instincts again, huh?"
That 20 seconds of insane shock-
"Damn, they are not good for me."
Maybe because they have the ability
To make me perturbed, gasp and wheeze
as if,
the whole world is collapsing on my shoulders.
I'm a paradox,
A conflicted contradiction.
If I can't, you can't too,
Understand me.
Turning the page of my book gave me an unparalleled feeling,
And in a trice, I could breathe,
That heaviness in my chest,
Burden in my heart,
All vanished.
I realized,
'Sparks' was humming in my ears,
for my Air pods blasted.
I'm contented again,
for even the sky pulls itself together,
after the quietude which the rain brings, 
I sleep again.

Based on true events.

Ananya Shanker©️2022
(All rights reserved)

There is always this one song you always turn back to. For me, it is ‘Sparks’ by Coldplay, although it’s a love song, somehow, it calms my soul. It makes me want to not give up.

A troubling reality is what made me write this poetry. I did not sleep the entire night(almost), probably I had a serotonin rush to finish this one! I hope you will like it. Also, it is okay to stay a mystery, when you are unascertained of what you expect out of someone or something. Screw what they have to say! They will never be able to make me feel that way. ❤️

Thank you for coming back to my blog. Also, check out my other playlists on Spotify. You might feel better.

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