“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

Zora Neale Hurston
Restraint. Incarcerated.
Void, overpowering and pacing.
Teardrops, bashing for the imperfections,
Terrified to meet new people;
Now terrified to meet old ones too.
If there was a demarcation between the old and new,
stuck somewhere between the two.
Goosebumps with a racing heart,
fickleness of my mind,
For I was a better person yesterday than today I am.
Amiability is dead
Just wanna lock up and get life fixed!
Dangling between the old and new can be challenging,
Like stepping stones,
You can go back or move forward but skipping even one
will hurt you
Changes around me,
Changed me, I can see.
Title less is the name for this life's chapter,
No ending or middle.
Just a beginning.
Hundreds of tiny steps I took,
Lost myself in that long distance
Back when I look.
Don't know what I'm running from,
what I'm running for?

Ananya Shanker©2022
(All rights reserved)

I feel that everyone has experienced this feeling of running to ‘somewhere’, at least once in their lifetime, this feeling of uncertainty. ‘Somewhere’ which typically does not exist or perhaps it does? Who knows?

This year(2021), I have dealt with strong insecurities because of how uncertain things have been. I have incomplete poetries written in my notes. Life is changing, sometimes I’m scared of it, sometimes I’m not. But it still makes me want to look forward to all the experiences 2022 has in store for me. All I got to say is that no matter what life is going to throw at me, I shall always stand strong and take care of my mental health and so should you because it is okay to not jump at opportunities when your mental capacity does not allow you to. Take your time. theloveforpoetry wishes everyone a very happy new year, 2022.
2021, not so happening yet I ended it on a great note! Cheers. ❤️ 

I know January is about to end.

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